Applicable Industries: Building & Construction, Air-conditioning, Lighting, Billboards, Wall-hanging, Bathroom, Kitchen, Hydropower, Monitoring Systems…, etc.


Li Chuan industry established in 2007, the Department of fastener manufacturing group of a domestic long-established company – up into the subsidiary of Li Jean Group.

1. Our Factory

Our production process – we ensure that all equipment and productions molds are finely-tuned prior to each mass manufacturing batches.

2. Our Patents and Accreditations

We have acquired patents in over 15 countries, spanning USA, Europe, Asia, and Russia. Our products and facilities also have received SGS certifications.

3. Our Manufacturing Process

Optical measurements and inspections employed to ensure our quality standards are upheld diligently.

4. Our Quality Assurance

We employ a rigorous 5-step quality control process, including a visual inspection, measuring tolerances, ensuring fit, checking internal integrity, stress testing all before trivalent chrome plating

Installation Process

  • 1. Drill
  • 2. Insert
  • 3. Lock
  • 4. Tighten

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