Crocodile Fastener


M8 x 35



Hole Diameter:

Ø 10mm

Recommended Minimum Depth:


Corresponding Specifications of Screw/Bolt Used:

Specification: M8 x 1.25
Recommended Minimum Length: 35 mm


1:Broad Application: As long as the size of male fastener is conformed to the single female fastener, it will work, and it is applicable to any kind of bolt head.
2:The Choice of Approach: Pinpoint preload is adopted by demands, or it can be installed after drilling a hole. The function and effectiveness are completely unanimous.
3:High Success Rate: Inserting interior screw workpieces has no problem in recess fill and sloping while drilling, and the successful drive-in rate is 100%.
4:High Tensile Resistant Design: The tensile strength and loading of full screws and special taper expansion undercut design are better than those traditional products in the market.
5:Guaranteed Expansion: Metal plate-made product, patented design of full-thread cone shaped expansion with excellent capacity of grabbing concrete walls. No idle running will occur, and it is easy-to-use for everyone.
6:Locking Performance: Special design of full-thread cone shaped expansion, utilizing the reverse thrust effect to lock the workpiece tightly.
7:Can be Abandoned Easily: If it is misplaced or considered useless, try to remove the male bolting part and use make-up solution to smooth the surface, which will not result in any danger of cutting or protrusion.
8:Complete Design: The product is shorter and more precise than the same product as compared with other companies. Used with the commonly seen fasteners in the market. It is the best choice and easy-to-use
      part for “DIY work”.